5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Flobottle

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Flobottle

Plastic bottles of water that you drink and ditch are so out. Why waste your money, risk your health, and contribute to environmental damage when there are better options out there? Flobottle is on a mission to change the way you hydrate. But what makes our bottles unique? Here’s what you need to know.

5 Reasons to Switch to Flobottle

Those packs of bottled water are calling your name at the grocery store. We know you hear it. Before you throw it in your cart, keep reading to learn why Flobottle reigns supreme.

1. Flobottle is Far More Cost-Efficient

Americans combined spend about $16 billion a year on bottled water. Some estimates say it’s closer to $31 billion. How much is your family spending? It could be in the thousands each year. A quick Amazon search reveals that a few cases of bottled water can quickly add up to about $45 or more. And you can bet that the price is increasing. Statistics say that the average price for one unit of bottled water in the country went from $4.69 in 2020 to $4.490 in 2021, and it’s expected to jump to $5.76 by 2026.

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Or, you could take that money and use it to get yourself one Flobottle that’ll last you for years to come.

We’re all looking for ways to save and cut corners, especially in today’s economy where inflation keeps rising and the prices of everyday necessities are off the charts. Paying for bottles that end up in the garbage is almost like throwing your money directly in the trash.

2. We are BPA-Free

The cost matters, and so does your health. Many plastic water bottles contain bisphenol A or BPA for short. This is an industrial chemical that’s been around since the 1950s. At very low levels, BPA doesn’t necessarily post a risk. However, if you get too much of it in your system, it can negatively affect the brain and your behavior. It might even be connected to increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t drink from a plastic water bottle if it’s been sitting in a hot car. Some of the chemicals in the plastic can end up in the water, and if you drink the water, those chemicals end up in you.

Flobottle is made with stainless steel, and the accessories — a guard straw, sipper, and strap — are all BPA-free. Stainless steel is made to withstand extreme temperatures. (More on this in a moment!) So, even if it sits in your car on the hottest day of summer, you’re still safe to drink from it.

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In addition, Flobottle is designed and coated with corrosion-resistant powder, which makes for easier cleaning. Bacteria build-up and nasty germs aren’t an issue — a quick wash in the sink, let it air-dry, and you’re ready to use it again.

3. The Insulation Maintains the Temperature of Your Drink

When it comes to insulated bottles vs plastic bottles, insulated take the cake. Flobottle is designed to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. In fact, it can maintain heat for 12 hours and cold for a full 24 hours because it’s double-walled and vacuum-sealed. This means that the temperature outside of the bottle has a much harder time affecting the temperature of whatever is inside the bottle.

This is going to be especially beneficial in the summer when the risk of dehydration is greater and temperatures are more extreme. Whether you’re camping or hiking, walking the dog or drenched in sweat at Jiu-Jitsu, your Flobottle can keep up with you.

4. Flobottle is a More Eco-Friendly Option

There’s a seriously alarming amount of plastic in the ocean — somewhere around eight million metric tons. And the number is expected to more than triple by 2040, to 29 million metric tons. Every single minute, the equivalent of two garbage trucks of plastic are tossed into the ocean. You can bet that plastic water bottles contribute to this. We don’t have the exact number, but some estimates say that less than half of the water bottles we use are recycled.

You now know that the ever-durable stainless steel is built to last. If you protect your stainless steel water bottle and clean it properly, you might never need to purchase another one again. However, if you do decide that you’re ready to retire it, stainless steel is recyclable! Just be sure you check with your local recycling facility to make sure they accept the material and see if they have any specific requirements. Once you’re good to go, you can toss your stainless steel water bottle into your recycling bin. Simple.

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5. It’s Versatile for the Whole Family — Even Your Furry Friend

Flobottle isn’t just a water bottle. The hidden storage compartment on the bottom is perfect for snacks, your keys, or pouring some water for your pet mid-walk. Parents especially love sending their kids to school with Flobottle, to keep them hydrated and with happy bellies throughout the day. From your morning yoga session to the office, from a five-mile walk in the summer to ice fishing in the winter, your insulated, stainless steel water bottle is up for the challenge.

You might not think much about the containers that you eat and drink out of, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. Choosing the right bottle matters to your health. It matters to the environment. And it matters for your everyday convenience. Ditch the plastic and switch to Flobottle. Your body, your wallet, and Mother Nature will thank you for it.

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