What is FLOBOTTLE made from?

FLOBOTTLE is made from premium 304 stainless steel.  The same steel that is use for food safe stainless steel applications in kitchens.


All  FLOBOTTLE drink wear is PBA Free.

How do I clean my  FLOBOTTLE?

We recommend hand washing. 

Can I put food in the storage compartment?

Yes Our unique bottom storage is made from food safe 304 stainless steel and is a great snack container.

What makers FLOBOTTLE different?

FLOBOTTLE is a double walled vacuum insulated hydration bottle made from stainless steel,  that has a storage compartment built into the bottom we call it STOW AND FLOW.  This storage is great for keeping personal essential items close, like money, jewelery, earbuds etc.  Our storage can also be used to carry food snacks because we make it out of the same food safe stainless steel as the main hydration bottle.  The STOW and FLOW storage is also double walled so you can use it as a cup for hot liquids without burning your hand.