Stainless Steel Storage Containers: Why You Need Them

Stainless Steel Storage Containers: Why You Need Them

Now more than ever, people are becoming increasingly aware of the products they use and how they affect their health and the environment. Shifting to more sustainable practices means looking for quality, environmentally-friendly items that can be used every day as a replacement for eco-destructive things. If you're looking for an excellent alternative to plastic, you should consider stainless steel products.

A fully recyclable material used in the construction, oil, and gas industry, stainless steel is a metal alloy known for its versatility, durability, and insulating properties. But this material is not just found in construction and manufacturing sites. Stainless steel fabricated products are everywhere. The material is frequently used to make cutlery, tableware, furniture, and other household items.

Since it can endure extreme temperatures, it has become a great material for various food storage containers, like portable water bottles.


Wait, What is Stainless Steel, Exactly?

Great question!

Stainless steel is created from iron and chromium alloy, as well as other elements like nickel, copper, sulfur, and carbon. Chromium, a key ingredient in stainless steel manufacturing, is the reason behind its corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant properties. However, not all stainless steel raw materials and products are created equal.

Its corrosion resistance level and its ability to wear out over time depend on many factors, including the environmental temperature and types of acid used. Still, stainless steel is an invaluable material even in smaller everyday items like beverage containers.

The Benefits of Drinking from Stainless Steel Water Bottles

So, by now, you know why stainless steel is the real MVP when it comes to material. But why should you drink from it?

1. It’s Free of Harmful Chemicals

BPA is a chemical compound found in epoxy resin and polycarbonate plastics. While it’s been widely used to create certain types of plastics since the 1950s, it’s a controversial component linked to health issues like an increased breast cancer risk and hormonal imbalances. The even worse news is that numerous plastic water bottles and food and beverage containers on the market have BPA.

Shoppers have started looking for a safer alternative to limit their exposure, and many have shifted to using stainless steel containers. This is because stainless steel storage containers don’t have BPA, protecting people from potentially harmful substances.

2. It’s Better for the Environment

You don’t need us to tell you how bad plastic is for the environment, but here are some scary statistics. 300 million tons of plastic are made each year. This is roughly the weight of the entire human population. And a whopping 50% of this plastic is single-use only. Every single year, eight million tons of plastic will end up in our oceans.

Switching to stainless steel, when possible, is an easy way to cut back on your plastic usage. Single-use items are devastating on our planet.

plastic by the ocean


3. It’s Easy to Keep Clean

Stainless steel containers are easy to clean and maintain. There’s no need for repeated washing, as stains quickly come off with just soap and water. They have great finishing, inside and outside, and aren’t susceptible to rust and corrosion. Thus, there’s no need to spend a lot of time scraping off stains.

Compared to glassware, stainless steel containers are lightweight and durable. To stay clean, they require regular maintenance like other kitchen tools. However, they don’t need careful handling. If you’re in a hurry, you can quickly put it on the top rack of your dishwasher and go on with your life. We call that a win!

4. Stainless Steel is Durable and Long-Lasting

Plastic, ceramic, and glass containers crack and disintegrate. Aluminum kitchen tools are prone to leaks and corrosion. Stainless steel containers, meanwhile, are nearly indestructible. They can literally last a lifetime. With proper care, you can reuse your stainless steel container and enjoy its toxin-free benefits for as long as you want.

Additionally, using stainless steel containers can help address plastic pollution and help the environment. If you no longer want your stainless steel water bottles, feel free to donate them. They can be reused by other people or forwarded to recycling facilities, where they are often sent to manufacturers.

5. It Keeps Drinks Hot or Cold for Long Periods

Stainless steel water bottles are a massive hit for people who are always busy with work and those who love outdoor activities. Depending on the container's specifications, stainless steel water bottles can keep beverages cold for up to one whole day and hot for about six to 12 hours. So, you can enjoy your drink for as long as you like, anytime, anywhere.

Not all stainless steel bottles are insulated, but those that offer a double layer of insulation eliminate condensation and retain beverage temperatures for hours. Moreover, no matter how cold or hot your drink is, it won't burn or sweat in your hands.

6. The Aesthetics and Use Cases are Flexible

Whether it’s for personal or professional use, stainless steel water bottles are always a safe idea. They’re an ideal choice for gym enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, professionals and stay-at-home moms alike. It’s just the cherry on top that it’s good for you and the environment.

Stainless steel water bottles have never been this trendy and eco-friendly. Due to their continuing popularity, more people are increasingly growing aware of the importance of hydration while using safe, sustainable containers. Whatever your lifestyle is, there's a stainless steel water bottle that suits your needs. Shop with Flobottle today.

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